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Trading Partner Community

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Trading Partner Community

Improve the O2C process and exchange business documents with your trading partners in a private, secure and customized environment.

Utilizing a private community comprised of the buyer (community leader) and its suppliers, a buyer can quickly, easily and safely exchange business documents directly from its back-end systems with all trading partners. The private community is enabled by the Amalto e-Business Cloud and allows both the buyer and its suppliers to operate their essential business processes more efficiently and cost-effectively.


Supplier documents are checked before transformation and delivery to buyer's system, ensuring pre-validated error-free information is sent to the back-end system.



Inbound documents submitted by suppliers are transformed into buyer-specific format. Outbound documents sent to suppliers can be proposed in various formats, depending on what options the buyer wants to offer suppliers.



Buyer documents are delivered in Trading Partner Community pre-defined format(s), using various delivery modes (supplier portal, light secure client or full B2B integration).



Acknowledgments that documents have been received by the Trading Partner are delivered to the sender.



Buyers and suppliers have permanent access to document / transaction status.

A Win-Win Tool for the Buyer and Its Suppliers

A Win-Win Tool for the Buyer and Its Suppliers

Both the buyer and its suppliers benefit from the Trading Partner Community. The buyer can improve its Procure to Pay process by easily enabling digital business transactions such as sending or receiving invoices within its dedicated community of suppliers — without costly and technically challenging integration.

The buyer improves its Procure to Pay process by:

  • Sending purchase orders directly from its back-end system
  • Receiving order confirmations, advance shipping notifications and invoices directly in its back-end system
  • Imposing digital business transactions, even to its low-tech suppliers
  • Fulfilling its social responsibility by maintaining business relationships with local, smaller suppliers

Suppliers improve their Order to Cash process by:

  • Receiving the buyer's purchase orders and sending confirmations, ASNs and invoices either via a portal or local light client software
  • Possessing great visibility with all ongoing transactions
  • Getting paid faster as a result of digital delivery of their invoices
  • Competing better for business, even with larger, sophisticated buyers