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Monitoring & Proactive Support

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Monitoring & Proactive Support

Focus on your core responsibilities while Amalto ensures the complete end-to-end management of your electronic document exchange.

Trust Active Monitoring, 24/7

Using agents, dashboards and real-time alerts for any system or application event, Amalto continuously watches your automation solution to quickly identify and resolve any issues. To help prevent downtime or interrupted business processes, we constantly monitor:

  • Processing status
    Failed transactions and documents in unexpected status are flagged and trigger notifications so they can be reprocessed in the shortest time frame.
  • Technical parameters
    Constant monitoring of CPU, disk space, load, certificate expiration date, threads, SMTP and more averts issues before they can become bigger problems.

Rely on Proactive Support to Maximize Productivity

To help you maintain your day-to-day focus, Amalto proactively handles a variety of functions with your automation solution:

  • Reprocessing bounced or failed messages
  • Addressing exceptions and other issues, reaching out to customers or Trading Partners, as necessary
  • Providing reports and feedback

Know You're Covered with Fully-Managed Order to Cash Solutions

With vast experience in all aspects of business process automation (Order to Cash, Procure to Pay, Logistics, etc.), Amalto delivers fully-managed solutions where every step is anticipated and controlled. Discover a seamless experience with Amalto.


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