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IOS Apps

Monitor cash flow on the go with the latest mobile technology for Order to Cash automation.

Amalto's iOS apps

Amalto's iOS apps keep your KPIs at your fingertips. From your smartphone or your electronic watch, quickly and easily monitor your KPIs (either today's activity or the past 100 days).

Sample Order to Cash KPIs:

  • Created invoices
    See both the number and amount of all invoices processed through the e-Business Cloud
  • Delivered invoices
    See both the number and amount of invoices successfully processed and delivered to your customers
  • Failed invoices
    See both the number and amount of invoices that failed
  • Failure ratio
    See the failure ratio and how it evolved over the past months

KPIs Configured to Your Needs

Customize your KPIs to deliver the information you require. By connecting to your e-Business Cloud automation solution, the Amalto apps give you the visibility you need into the performance of your business.

Amalto iOS app


    Innovation Is in Our DNA

    Get the ultimate in KPI visibility and access key accounts receivable data anytime, anywhere.

    Amalto iPhone App & Apple Watch

    Monitor your accounts receivable KPIs on the go! Get a firsthand look at what you can do with the app, a user-friendly extension of the Amalto e-Business Cloud.

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