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Communicate faster and more effectively among all your Trading Partners with integrated business document management and automation.

Amalto's fully-managed e-Business Cloud is the perfect solution to securely exchange business documents with all your Trading Partners including customers, suppliers, banks and logistics providers. Easily, quickly and securely exchange these documents directly or via hubs, networks or marketplaces such as Ariba, Corcentric, Cortex, Coupa, Direct Commerce, GXS, Oildex, Perfect, Transwide, Transcepta, Tungsten and more.

Enable End-to-End Exchanges of B2B Documents with Hundreds of Customers

Put an end to paper with secure, fully-automated and seamless business document exchange. Amalto's e-Business Cloud handles:

  • Any business document type
    • Order to Cash and Procure to Pay documents
      Including quote requests, quotes, orders, order confirmations, advance shipping notices, field tickets/receipts, invoices, invoice responses, payment orders/remittance advices and more
    • Logistics documents
      Such as motor carrier load tenders, responses to a load tender, bills of lading, shipment status reports, inventory reports and more
  • Any file format
    • XML - proprietary or standard (UBL, cXML, xCBL, PIDX, CIDX, OAG XML, GLogXML)
    • EDI (ANSI X12, Edifact, Odette)
    • TXT, CSV, binary
    • ERP-specific (such as SAP's IDoc, for example)
    • Excel
    • and more
  • Multiple transport protocols
    • AS2
    • SFTP
    • FTPS
    • Web services / APIs (SOAP, RESTful)
    • SMTP
    • RNIF
    • Mime multipart
    • and more

Get Business Document Management Flexibility and More

In addition to offering maximum flexibility, the Amalto e-Business Cloud makes B2B easy through:

  • Comprehensive validation
    • Trading partners' requirements are embedded in the maps. For example, the solution will prevent an invoice submission that lacks data elements required by the customer. In case required data is missing or invalid, the transaction will be stopped in the e-Business Cloud and an email notification will be sent, listing all issues to be corrected before re-submission.
  • Visibility and traceability
    • The e-Business Cloud's powerful search features allow searches by Trading Partner, document type, technical status, functional status, time periods and more.
    • The user interface provides full visibility of transaction content and status.

Regardless of the complexity of the exchange process, the type of documents or disparity of back-office systems involved, Amalto has the expertise to implement the right solution for you. Contact us today to begin more efficient B2B document management.


    Amalto e-Business Cloud

    Integrate and automate! See how the Amalto e-Business Cloud speeds up and simplifies all your Order to Cash business processes, saving your company time and money.

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