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Report Amalto Spira Data Lunch and Learn
Oct 07, 2011

Report Amalto Spira Data Lunch and Learn

Successful Lunch-and-Learn event at Calgary

Amalto Technologies and Spira Data Corp. hosted a successful Learn-and-Learn event at the Calgary Petroleum Club, on October 6th. It was a slightly nippy afternoon at 42 degree F, with sprinkles and fog earlier on in the morning, usual weather for Calgary at this time of the year. The venue at the heart of the business district made it easy for attendees to maximize their lunch hour and learn about seamless integration from field to finance – now a real possibility with the joint offering of Amalto and Spira Data.. 

With Spira's field ticketing solution and Amalto's customized e-transaction solution for the oil and gas vertical, the PIDX b2box ®, companies can now simplify the electronic submission of invoices and tickets and reduce the administrative burden and cost associated with their current processes. Click here to access the presentation for the session.

We thank the participants --from Savanna Energy, Integrated Production Services, Cordy Oilfield Services, Q'MAX Solutions, Essential Energy Services, CE Franklin, Strad Energy Services, Gibson Energy and many more, who made this a lively and interesting afternoon.