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News - Succes Europe enters capital
Jan 08, 2011

News - Succes Europe enters capital

Amalto Technologies closes s share round to fulfill its development as the leader of e exchange solutions in the Oil and Gas industry

Succès Europe funds Amalto growth as provider of B2B solutions for the Oil and Gas industry

Houston, TX, USA et Paris France, 30 june 2009 – Amalto Technologies today announced that it has completed an A share round with Succès Europe to sustain its development as a provider of B2B eexchange solutions for the Oil and Gas industry. Amalto was advised by Aelios Finance.

After two years of product development, Amalto Technologies started to market its b2box and b2een solutions for the Oil and Gas industry in 2008, securing contracts with major players like Chevron Corporation. Amalto has developed a very unique approach based on leading edge technologies, which favours massive adoption of B2B electronic transactions in the Oil and Gas industry. Amalto Technologies brings to the space of B2B electronic exchanges solutions so easy to install and use that they have been qualified of “Skype of B2B” by certain analysts.

Amalto CEO, Jean-Pierre Foehn, stated: “We are very pleased to see Succès Europe joining our group of existing shareholders. Succès Europe will contribute to accelerate our development as a provider of innovative technologies and services for the Oil and Gas industry in the space of B2B transactions. Members of this industry have global reach and although Amalto was already present in Houston, it was paramount to get the resources to develop our presence where our current or future customers have their business. With our previous rounds of financing we have developed very robust products, it is time now to market them at a global scale”.

Succès Europe President, Candace Johnson, stated: "Succès Europe is delighted to be one of the first institutional investors in Amalto. Amalto was one of 21 companies chosen for investment across Europe in the fields of CleanTech, MedTech, ICT and B2B. Their management, business plan, innovation, technology, progress to date and addressable market thoroughly convinced us of their potential and ability to become a world-class company."

About Amalto:
Amalto is a leading provider of solutions enabling B2B transactions for the Oil and Gas industry. With its b2box, a PIDX* compatible software solution, Amalto brings to mid size O&G equipment and service providers an easy way to transact with their trading partners directly from their back office systems. With b2een, Amalto enables exchanges of documents like invoices or field tickets between peers of the same trading communities through a very intuitive but secured environment.

More information is available at et

About Succès Europe:
Succès Europe is a Sophia-Antipolis based European investment holding focusing on early-stage investments in the CleanTech, MedTech, ICT and B2B sectors. The founding shareholders and InvestmentCommittee are all serial entrepreneurs or international managers and have founded or been heavily associated with such European and global success stories as SES, GemPlus, Kaerys, COMEX, Adobe, MicroSoft, Nokia, LavaLife, etc

Succès Europe has an active investment philosophy which foresees using the experience, expertise, and network of their founding shareholders and Investment Committee to help their investee companies to global success.

About Aelios Financ:
Aelios Finance ( is the leading French corporate finance advisory firm helping entrepreneurs and mid-cap companies to complete successful capital raising, mergers & acquisitions, LBO and IPO. Aelios Finance is also the exclusive French office of the world's largest network of M&A companies, M&A International Inc. (