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News - CEO Presents at PIDX
Jan 13, 2011

News - CEO Presents at PIDX

Jean-Pierre Foehn, CEO Amalto Technologies, presented at the PIDX Annual Meeting of Members and Fall Conference, held on September 15-16 at Houston. The PIDX (Petroleum Industry Data Exchange) standard facilitates the electronic exchanges of business documents, like purchase orders, invoices or field tickets between Operators and Suppliers.

Standards for eCommerce are important in any industry for effective collaboration with trading partners, and very much so for the Oil and Gas industry where procurement from multiple channels is intrinsic to the industry. Oil producers compete on ROI; Suppliers compete on having the best relationships with their customers by aligning themselves with their customer’s operations and business processes. The The organization enjoys membership from all sectors of the industry including Upstream Downstream, Operators large and small, Suppliers and Technology Providers.

The event was hosted at OFS Portal’s offices and was well attended. Click here to view Jean-Pierre Foehn’s presentation on “e-Transactions for Tier 2 Suppliers - Boost Adoption Rates”.

Amalto was additionally privileged to have Mike Pate, IT Director, Complete Production Services an Amalto customer, to weigh in with his perspective on the challenges faced by mid-size companies in collaborating with their customers and suppliers. Learn more about Amalto’s specialized b2b e-transaction solution for the Oil and Gas industry, the PIDX b2box®.