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Amalto's GITEX 2010 Experience
Jan 08, 2011

Amalto's GITEX 2010 Experience

We have been travelling - Amalto's GITEX 2010 Experience

You may know that Amalto is expanding geographically, after our Calgary office opened recently, Bahrain and the GCC region are next in line. We thought GITEX, Dubai’s premier tradeshow, would be the perfect event for us to meet potential customers and partners in the region, and yes it was! Officially launched in 1998 as Gulf Information Technology Exhibition or GITEX as we have all come to know it, has grown 93 times since inception into a giant IT and consumer electronic spectacular.

Four electrifying days of exchanging ideas:

Thanks to the efforts of UBIFrance , the French Agency for International Business Development, our tax dollar translated very effectively into a great opportunity to participate at GITEX via the French Pavilion. We spent four days meeting hundreds of people from all the GCC countries and beyond. They might have wandered into the French Pavilion looking for some glamor and dazzle , but many became enthusiastic audience for the Amalto e-business cloud.

We showcased our Amalto e-Business Cloud solution:

One of the big conferences held during this 30th anniversary year was the GITEX Cloud Conference. As Cloud computing is increasing accepted as a viable IT models across the globe, the Middle East market is also opening up to it’s many possibilities. In this conducive atmosphere for cloud adoption, key issues and potential benefits, we introduced our global solution for enabling electronic transactions between b2b partners; now branded Amalto e-Business Cloud.

It was quite amazing to have many very interesting conversations about the pros and cons of the cloud with open minded people, concerned about "where would my data be stored" but over-all very open about e-business in the cloud; SMEs and e-procurement was also a hot topic for us, as seen in this GITEX video: "SMEs and e-procurement".

They can really put up a show!

GITEX is also a show, especially in the consumer electronic part, case in point the Blackberry 9700 selling for 1600 AED instead of the usual 2000 AED, who can resist ?! Even if Amalto did not have the grandiose showroom that some of your favorite electronic brands had, it was an extraordinary opportunity.

We were thrilled to learn during these four days is that the GCC region has embarked on multiple e-government initiatives. As this prepares the ground for gaining business efficiencies between trading partners, Amalto is well poised and excited to be a part of the action!