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Amalto Releases New User Interface for e-Business Cloud

Amalto Releases New User Interface for e-Business Cloud
Nov 28, 2016

Amalto Releases New User Interface for e-Business Cloud

Amalto is rolling out a completely new user interface for the e-Business Cloud with a variety of new features, including access to workflows, organizations, and more being continually added. With the new collapsible menu, everything is one touch or one click away. The updated portal features a more modern, responsive design adaptable to whatever device you are using (iPhone, Tablet, or Computer).

New Workflow feature

Customers are now able to access workflows and interact with the system by handling tasks allocated to them. They can review work items and perform related actions, which depend on the involved workflow. For example, use cases may concern review and/or completion of outgoing transactions (POs, AR Invoices), documents flip (like flipping a PO into a draft Invoice), approval of incoming transactions (POs, AP Invoices)... The e-Business Cloud workflow can trigger email notifications to assignees, who are then a click away from approving, completing, rejecting transactions... or delegating the work item to someone else, among the configured delegates. 

Improved Reporting Capabilities

The new IU gives users the ability to run constantly updated Reports at any time. When the e-Business Cloud is leveraged for AR automation, predefined Reports are available, giving AR Managers, Controllers and Finance people valuable insights on processed transactions (count and value, evolution over the past 12 months, split by status, split by Customer, by Business Unit...). And custom reports can be built upon request. Reports can be printed or exported as pdf.

Improved User Roles

Customers can now be assigned as Administrators to have full company user management. Customer Admins are able to manage permissions to existing users and create new ones. Permission Sets are highly configurable and can (access to transactions, edit rights, ability to handle work items, and more. With the right permissions, some users can even update and reprocess transactions.

Improved User Preferences and Document Access

The updated portal saves user preferences, allowing each user to customize the look of the screen (presence, width and order of columns for each type of screen). 

And obviously, users can easily access transaction details and download associated attachments.


Improved Cross Referencing Tables

Cross referencing functionalities have been improved to provide easier access. As before, Data can be imported into the system and users can search, edit, and create new tables.