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Amalto CEO Highlights Ondiflo in PIDX Presentation at 4th Oil & Gas Supply Chain Logistics Forum

Amalto CEO Highlights Ondiflo in PIDX Presentation at 4th Oil & Gas Supply Chain Logistics Forum
Oct 23, 2017

Amalto CEO Highlights Ondiflo in PIDX Presentation at 4th Oil & Gas Supply Chain Logistics Forum

Jean-Pierre Foehn joins Sheri Roberts of PIDX and James Thompson of ConocoPhilips to illustrate how companies can streamline the e-field ticketing process leveraging IoT sensors and blockchain

As many as 20 billion barrels of water are produced every year in the Unites States from more than 1.5 million oil and gas wells. This water is stored in tanks and generates approximately 100 million truck rotations to recycle it. Each truck rotation is associated with a full Order-to-Cash process including creation of a service request, a field ticket, an invoice and a payment between the water hauler and the producer. Because this process is mostly manual and paper-based, it adds billions of dollars in additional cost, greater inefficiency and poor cash flow.

Because the oil & gas industry is ready for automation that would significantly increase efficiency and reduce costs, Jean-Pierre Foehn, CEO of Amalto Technologies, will Join Sheri Roberts CEO of PIDX and James Thompson, SAP Specialist, Supply Chain Technology with ConocoPhilips and Business process Chair PIDX, at the 4th Oil & Gas Supply Chain Logistics Forum in Houston, TX on October 25 at 2:00 PM CST. As part of PIDX case study Improving Efficiency, Customer Satisfaction & cost Reduction through Streamlining the e-Field Ticketing Process Amalto will feature Ondiflo, a proprietary solution that integrates IoT and blockchain to automate the Order-to-Cash process for fluid hauling in unmanned locations.

"By joining with PIDX at the Oil & Gas Supply Chain Logistics Forum, we’ll be able to illustrate how an end-to-end solution can work to significantly reduce costs, increase efficiency and maximize cash flow," said Foehn. "Ondiflo is the ideal solution designed to improve the Order-to-Cash process associated with fluid hauling. It can provide better scheduling and dispatching of services,  accuracy when computing the discharge volume, a reduction in disputes, accurate invoicing, and a shortened payment cycle."

The 4th Oil & Gas Supply Chain Logistics conference will be held October 24 – 26 in Houston, TX at the Westin Houston, Memorial City.

About Amalto Technologies

Amalto Technologies is a leader in Order-to-Cash, Logistics and Field Data Management processes. Supporting customers worldwide with innovative automation solutions, Amalto leverages state-of-the-art technologies to facilitate the exchange of important business documents. Founded in 2005, Amalto maintains a presence in the US, Europe and Canada.

Amalto facilitates connection of all customers and Trading Partners, processing quote requests, sales orders, field tickets and invoices — all with the push of a button. Amalto offer solutions around quote automation, sales order automation, field data management and invoice automation.

Amalto also delivers the platform that allows for the exchange of business documents with all of your trading partners in a private, secure and customized environment as well as the ability to make a positive impact on your supply chain and overall business.

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