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Wearables-Smart Watch

Providing visibility of various KPIs — even on the move.

Aware that customers are not constantly at their desks monitoring the flows of transactions processed through the Amalto e-Business Cloud, Amalto launched an app and the associated smart watch version to provide the ultimate in KPI visibility.

Daily KPIs as well as averages over 100 days for the number of created invoices, failed invoices, delivered invoices and failure ratio are available directly on the screen of the smart watch, giving any accounts receivable person access to key data anywhere, anytime. See the Amalto smart watch application in action.

Expanding to Additional Devices

Currently available for iOS and the Apple Watch, the Amalto app will soon be released for Android and associated watches. Tap this technology for your business today.

Amalto iPhone App & Apple Watch

Monitor your accounts receivable KPIs on the go! Get a firsthand look at what you can do with the app, a user-friendly extension of the Amalto e-Business Cloud.

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