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Blockchain and Distributed Ledgers

Blockchain and Distributed Ledgers

Implementing a blockchain protocol to enable better business document exchanges for O2C.

Blockchain and distributed ledger technology is the peer-to-peer protocol best known initially as the framework supporting Bitcoin. This technology has since emerged as a very robust way of exchanging transactions and enforcing contract terms between two Trading Partners. At a very rapid pace, the financial world is exploring how to manage billions of transactions completed every day without leveraging a clearing house (in a true peer-to-peer mode) by adopting blockchain.

Applying Innovative Technology

Amalto was the pioneer of peer-to-peer technology when we launched our Supplier Community several years ago, leveraging a peer-to-peer stack called JXTA.

Currently Amalto is implementing a blockchain protocol as a new, richer and more secured way of enabling peer-to-peer business document exchanges. Blockchain will be a key component of the new version of the Amalto Platform.

To learn how your business can benefit from Amalto solutions and its use of innovative blockchain and distributed ledger technology, contact us today.