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Quote Automation Best Practices

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Quote Automation Best Practices to achieve better results in your order fulfillment processes.

Quote Automation leverages technology, industry best practices, and domain expertise to achieve better results in your order fulfillment processes. Quote-to-cash is a term used to incorporate the business cycle that starts with receiving a customer request to create a quote, which can be turned into a sales order, and ends with collecting payment generated by the sale of the product or service. There are several steps that go into the quote-to-cash cycle, including:

  • creating quotes
  • receiving and validating orders
  • entering sales orders
  • approving sales orders
  • fulfilling orders
  • generation of purchase orders
  • billing for the orders
  • collecting payment


The Challenge

Organizations face quote-to-cash challenges in the areas of visibility, productivity, accuracy, cost control and implementation. Companies need transparent information on what and where goods are available, and existing prices to reply to customer requests and achieve an optimal order fulfillment. Companies need accessibility to pull up orders and answer customer questions timely as well as eliminating remedial tasks and human errors that drive up costs and customer dissatisfaction.

The Solution

Automated processes improve efficiency and accelerate operations. ERP solutions allow manufacturers to automate every operation within the quote-to-cash cycle. Manufacturers can standardize on best practices for production, planning, and execution to streamline and accelerate these operations, as well as deliver consistent quality. Automated best-practice processes help manufacturers keep costs low and handle increasing orders with the same quality and response rate.

Automating the Quote-to-Cash Process

When a company has an automated and well-integrated approach to their quote-to-cash process in combination with defined business rules optimizing the fulfillment options, money is saved and the customer is kept happy. Taking advantage of leading technology will improve the quote-to-cash process by leveraging your existing systems to automate the quote-to-cash process.

Order Capture

All orders and quotes are entered into one portal and are automatically collected from their individual sources. Customers and products will be recognized automatically by workflows containing defined business rules that are integrated with source systems. Availability and price can be checked in real time based on customer agreements, order type, and class. Sourcing points for the products will be optimized allowing all the products to be sold at the same price no matter from which warehouse they are being sourced from.

Order Management

A simple push of the button pulls in detailed information about the product and where to produce it from. This information allows reps to see how costs roll up and to accurately determine what they should charge. Reps can also see if materials are available in inventory or whether they need to be ordered, which can impact pricing and delivery times. With instant access to all the necessary information, reps can create estimates in real time.

Scheduling and Planning

Rather than manually tracking schedules with a whiteboard and magnets, order automation created schedules for production automatically based on demand and orders. Using information from the database, the system calculates the individual operation load and how long each step will take and then lays it into the schedule. If an order changes, the system automatically flows that change through the schedule and communicates schedule changes to the plant floor data collection system.


To speed up the collection process invoices are created automatically and payment reception is tracked and traced. The manual process of creating invoices is eliminated and is replaced with efficient invoice processing. The wait time for sending and receiving invoices is dramatically decreased, helping you decrease your DSO and get paid faster.


Easy access to data enables performance measurement and improved results. Business intelligence and reporting tools within the ERP solution provide access to data that allows manufacturers to analyze historical time, cost, labor, and quality data and compare it to estimates to enable continuous improvement. This allows organizations to see how successful past projections were and adjust their forecasts moving forward, resulting in greater accuracy and better investment.

Order Automation provides the capability to manage quotes and orders from multiple channels, and coordinate fulfillment across multiple inventory locations, suppliers, partners and business units. It will automate and monitor the end-to-end supply chain as well as establish and meet performance goals across your key processes.


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