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Helping customers in a variety of industries overcome Order to Cash challenges.

Every industry presents nuances and challenges to the Order to Cash process. With its fully-managed Order to Cash processing solution, Amalto helps customers in a variety of industries overcome obstacles, automate and optimize their Order to Cash processes, and achieve business goals.

Business Services

Doing business with thousands or hundreds of thousands of customers poses a challenge in automating Order to Cash.


The industry is challenged to efficiently capture sales orders and quickly send invoices to multiple customers.


Customers that vary in size and vertical markets present different business processes and document handling methods.


Seamless integration of different IT systems is absolutely critical for businesses in manufacturing.

Oil & Gas

Oil and Gas vendors face a very high DSO, on average. More than 80 days is not uncommon in this industry.


The choreography of business documents is complex and associated with multiple sources and receiving systems.

The Technology Behind Our Solution

The Amalto e-Business Cloud is the only fully-managed integration platform that provides a turnkey solution to simplify, streamline, automate and accelerate your business processes.

How it Works

Fully-Managed Means Complete Service

Amalto’s services ensure the complete end-to-end management of implementation and ongoing activities related to electronic document exchange.

What's Included