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O2C Jeopardy

Amalto has answers. Keep your business out of Jeopardy.

Learn how.

Transforming your way of doing business through Order to Cash Automation.

Amalto provides innovative, fully-managed solutions enabling B2B integration and electronic document exchange services. We leverage state-of-the art technologies to facilitate the exchange of invoices and other important business documents between B2B Trading Partners in a quick, secure and cost-effective manner. Regardless of the complexity of the exchange process, the type of document, or diverseness of back-office systems, Amalto has the expertise to implement the right solution. Our seasoned professionals possess complementary expertise and a broad range of experience in e-business. We apply this vast knowledge by recommending perfectly adapted and innovative solutions to transform your way of doing business.


One Call, Countless Gains

Enable end-to-end exchanges of B2B documents with all your Trading Partners to gain speed and productivity, enjoy efficient traceability, reduce DSO, boost ROI and improve customer satisfaction. Amalto is ready to help.