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Case Studies

Iron Mountain Inc.

Iron Mountain Inc.

Executive Summary

The Iron Mountain (IRM) AR department was experiencing pressure from their Fortune 1000 customers to provide invoicing via electronic B2B or EDI integration. The system they had in place was utilizing in-house IT personnel for on-boarding each new client request. Each new customer onboarding was painful as there was no standardized approach or solution for mapping to each customer. The net effect was taking weeks and months to onboard each new customer. It was frustrating for the customer and wasn’t enhancing IRM’s objective of enhancing customer satisfaction.

This onboarding approach led to the creation of a large backlog of customers wishing to receive their invoices delivered electronically. Amalto implemented its fully hosted and managed B2B integration solution, requiring only one master invoice template from IRM’s back office ERP systems. Amalto on-boarded 75 of IRM’s top-tier customers, eliminated manual processes and clerical errors, and improved customer satisfaction.


  • IRM had a backlog of customers requesting immediate AR invoice B2B integration.
  • IRM’s two main business units were running two separate ERP’s that were incompatible but required data from each system to create one complete invoice.
  • IRM needed an enterprise capable.

B2B integration provider to deliver a solution as a service, required minimal IT involvement, and provided ongoing application management, monitoring and support


  • Allowed IRM to seamlessly process invoices from both ERP’s with no manual intervention.
  • The Amalto solution enhanced customer satisfaction by compentently and rapidly onboarding each backlog customer and subsequent new customers.
  • Invoice errors were eliminated thanks to validating specific customer data elements before each invoice is shipped.
  • Amalto on-boarded IRM’s top 75 e-ready customers within 1 year (averaging 1.5 on-boardings per week) and with minimal IT involvement or needed support from IRM.

By IRM outsourcing its B2B AR invoice integration needs to Amalto they were able to ensure and increase customer satisfaction by alleviating the pain caused by a homegrown, backlogged and inefficient customer on-boarding process. Our solution’s capability to merge required invoicing fields allowed both ERP’s to seamlessly deliver errorless invoices to IRM’s high value customers. In addition to savings generated by increased efficiency the elimination of manual processes also allowed for elimination of invoice rejections due to keying errors by AR clerks.


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