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Case Studies



Industry – electronic documentation and information.

Business Document Types – Purchase Orders, Order Changes, PO Confirmations, Amex Authorization Request.

Formats – xCBL, cXML and Amex'.

Protocols – https.

Business Problem Solved – automating B2B exchanges with multiple customers and Amex authorization process.


EBSCO Information Services is the leading service provider of e-journal, e-book and e-journal package and print subscriptions, e-resource management tools, full-text and secondary databases, and related services for all types of libraries and research organizations. Their comprehensive solutions include systems to consolidate ordering, invoicing, claiming and renewals. EBSCO's 31 Regional Offices, located in 23 countries around the world, serve customers in more than 200 countries.


While some customers used e-Procurement solutions, EBSCO calculated that it took twice as much work at their end to address these POs due to multiple formats, various distribution methods (email, fax, portals...) and customer specific processes (for e.g. POs from Renault are paid by Purchasing Card; clerks had to retrieve POs from a Portal, factor in the VAT amount and manually get authorization numbers from Amex...).


Amalto’s b2box solution electronically collects POs from various sources (marketplaces like Ariba SN, Hubwoo, Quadrem... or directly from customer's systems), transforms the various formats into one standardized format, fully automates the authorization process with Amex and and allows easy capture by EBSCO’s back-end systems.


    Amalto Is the Order to Cash Company

    Learn how to save time, cut costs, reduce errors and get paid faster when you automate your Order to Cash process.