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Case Studies

Complete Production Services

Complete Production Services

Industry – Oilfield Services provider.

Business Document Types – Invoices and Acknowledgements.

Formats – CSV, PIDX.

Protocols – RNIF over https.

Business Problem Solved – Needed to become PIDX invoicing compliant with heir multiple customers while integrating a large variety of ERP systems across multiple BUs.

About Complete Production Services

Complete Production Services, Inc. is one of North America’s leading oilfield service providers. They provide a complementary suite of completion and production services, which improve their customer’s ability to develop hydrocarbon reserves, reduce costs and enhance production.


Complete Production Services (CPX) is an O&G services company, with a set of eight business units, each one having its own ERP. Additionally, the parent, CPX, has its own ERP.

CPX had an aging B2B gateway, and they were managing it by themselves, enduring painful coding and testing. They wanted to move to a more flexible, configurable solution combining software and service - and roll-out e-transactions further across the organization.


Amalto implemented a PIDX b2box, the O&G customized version of Amalto's packaged solution enabling easy activation of B2B electronic relationships and back-office system integration.

Each business unit generates invoice data using their own ERP (mainly Navision and MAS 200 from Sage) and the b2box collects data files, performs data format validation, transformation into PIDX invoices compliant with each customer's requirements. PIDX invoices are sent, as well as supporting documents, using the RNIF protocol.

The b2box is well adapted to organizations dealing with business partners using various message formats and/or protocols, and processing a large volume of transactions. Adding a new partner or changing settings to an existing one is very quick with the b2box, which gives companies using the b2box the ability to process automatically POs and invoices from the beginning of its relationship with new customers.


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