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Case Studies

Basic Energy Services

Basic Energy Services

Executive Summary

The Basic Energy Services (BES) AR Department used to process an average of 15,000 invoices each month. They originally had an in-house approach to e-invoice automation that consisted of operating a middleware as a B2B gateway and contracting outside consultants to perform invoice mapping to each separate high volume/value EDI customer. The onboarding process was slow, painful and frustrating. An entire new map had to be created for each additional trading partner. Further, it required outside resources for application support and troubleshooting to solve any production interruptions.

In addition, the system also required costly external consulting fees to address changes in customer needs, as well as weeks of downtime in processing the outbound invoices with negative impact on DSO. BES needed a more ef cient, dependable and scalable way to integrate with their 80 trading partners.

Amalto implemented its fully-hosted and managed e-Business CloudTM, requiring only one master invoice template from BES’s SAP ERP system. In 6 months Amalto on-boarded all 80 trading partners, eliminated errors, reduced headcount and improved customer satisfaction.


  • BES wanted to transition from their internal (self-managed) solution to a fully outsourced and managed solution without any disruption to their AR invoicing ow
  • BES wanted to transition 80 trading partners to Amalto B2B Integration Solution within 6 months
  • BES also wanted to exchange various business documents with its two lead banks


  • Amalto’s prior success connecting to 85% of BES’ O&G Operator customer base enabled a fast transition and implementation process
  • Amalto’s exible approach and collaboration with BES created a prioritized onboarding strategy designed for maximum velocity
  • Amalto’s approach to this B2B integration project allowed BES to use most of its existing data extract from their SAP system with little to no change

In transitioning to the Amalto e-Business Cloud Basic Energy Services’ alleviated the pain points caused by an inef cient internal solution that was putting customer satisfaction at risk. Amalto’s capability to seamlessly deliver errorless invoices with all 80 trading partners and consolidate le exchanges into one easy solution helped BES to focus on their core business operations. In addition to the savings generated by a speedy implementation, increased ef ciency and elimination of costly external resources BES also reduced FTE’s by 7 and decreased invoice errors by 50%. The economic merits justifying a business case for this project made the decision an easy one.


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