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Industry – Oil and Gas Exploration Services, Petroleum and Natural Gas Production, Petroleum Refining and Gasoline Service Stations.

Business Document Types – RFQs, Quotes, Purchase Orders, Change and Cancelation Orders, PO Responses, Invoices and Service Timesheets.

Formats – xCBL and Excel.

Protocols – https and AS2.

Business Problem Solved – e-Transactions with Suppliers, setting up a transactional document exchange Community for all of BAPCO’s Suppliers

About Bapco

BAPCO, the national oil company of Bahrain, is engaged in the oil industry including exploration and prospecting for oil, drilling, production, refining, distribution of petroleum products and natural gas, sales and exports of crude oil and refined products. The Bahrain Refinery is one of the largest in the Middle East.


Strategically, BAPCO has a clear and focused intention of enabling more companies in the private sector, especially Bahrain’s SMEs, to enjoy a greater share of the Kingdom’s progress. BAPCO wanted to launch an e-procurement initiative involving suppliers and be able to demonstrate the efficiencies and easy adoption of e-Procurement model.

Documents from BAPCO’s ERP to Suppliers include RFQ, Purchase Orders, Change and Cancellation Orders. In return, Suppliers can send Quotes, PO Responses (confirmation), Invoices and Service Timesheets.


Amalto’s Private Community model has been leveraged to integrate these electronic transactions between BAPCO and their Suppliers, architected around the Amalto e-Business Cloud. The BAPCO Community enables Suppliers of any technical capability thanks to the wide range of proposed connectivity solutions.

All connectivity/routing, mappings/ transformations take place in the Cloud. Amalto’s full-fledged integration server the b2box©, is the gateway between EMPAC (BAPCO's ERP) and the Amalto e-Business Cloud. Additionally, b2een© Connectivity Solution is offered to SME’s that require an easily downloadable application to facilitate exchange of electronic documents with their customers and Portal Connectivity Solution for those that want documents available either via their PC browser or via smart mobile devices.

Amalto additionally provides Supplier On-boarding Services to enable full realization of all goals of this e-Procurement Private Marketplace.


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