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Amalto Technologies Provides Solution for Supply Chain Management

Amalto Technologies Provides Solution for Supply Chain Management

Deploying custom-engineered solutions for energy infrastructure around the globe can be challenging. But when one of the leading suppliers needed to bring together two disparate operating platforms used to support its Middle East supply chain management, it turned to Amalto Technologies for a fully managed solution that would surely ease the delivery process.


A leading supplier of custom-engineered rotating equipment solutions for the worldwide energy infrastructure – including oil, gas, petrochemical, power generation, and process industries – as well as the environmental market has operations taking place around the globe. Clients rely on this organization for solutions that offer exceptional environmental benefits and economic value propositions that allow facilities to operate more efficiently. The company utilizes best-of-breed resources to support its supply chain process in delivering the right product at the right time. The oil and gas supply chain features expensive and elaborate logistics therefore timely and precise communications with third-party logistics (3PL) providers, which can oftentimes occur across multiple time zones, is critical to meet customer requirements.


As part of the company’s Middle East operations, the supply chain process leverages its Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system – Oracle eBusiness Suite – and a 3PL provider to receive goods from suppliers, store them and deliver products to its clients. With the 3PL provider exchanging documents using AS2 Protocol – which is highly secure and complex – and the company exchanging documents using Simple Object Access Protocol (SOAP) web services and a customized XML format, the company recognized the need to harmonize disparate formats, protocols and business processes to ensure maximum efficiency. The company identified room for improvement in inventory management, planning and forecasting and communication between the two environments.

Amalto Solution

Amalto’s unique, turnkey solution – complete with requirements gathering, business process analysis, design, implementation and ongoing monitoring and support – utilized a dedicated cloud platform and provided alignment amongst three core issues: format, protocol and process. Working closely with this leading supplier, Amalto identified what data needed to be captured and what the company’s ERP system was capable of outputting and then mapped the ERP system to the 3PL provider’s operating platform so they could effectively ‘talk’ with one another. As part of the solution, Amalto designed a custom configuration utilizing its b2boxTM software solution and implemented software adapters on each end to serve as a link, facilitating communications between the two environments. Amalto then assessed the company’s supply chain process and analyzed the sequence of events necessary to achieve maximum efficiency.


As a result of establishing alignment between this organization’s ERP system and the 3PL provider’s operating platform, efficiencies have been gained in inventory management, planning and forecasting, and shipment time – ultimately achieving increased customer satisfaction.


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