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eBook: Automation Best Practices for Receivables Processes

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Amalto: The Order to Cash Company

Save time, cut costs, reduce errors and get paid faster when you quickly and securely automate your sales order and accounts receivable processes with Amalto fully-managed e-Business Cloud solution

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Automating Transactions with All Your Trading Partners

Easily, safely and quickly exchange business documents directly from your back-end systems through the Amalto e-Business Cloud — without costly and technically-challenging integration

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Streamlined Order to Cash Delivers Value

Break the silos, align sales, production and finances and get the value of Order to Cash by Amalto

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Innovation Is in Our DNA

Blockchain, IoT, cryptography... benefit from leading edge technology with Amalto solutions

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Amalto is a leader in Order to Cash, Logistics and Field Data Management processes. Supporting customers worldwide with innovative automation solutions, Amalto leverages state-of-the-art technologies to facilitate the exchange of important business documents. Founded in 2005, Amalto maintains a presence in the US, Europe and Canada.

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Amalto Portal Solutions

Tired of the hassle of logging into multiple portals? Stop working in a black and white business world, get rid of AP portal login with the Amalto e-Business Cloud Solution.


Amalto Invoice Automation

Paper invoicing got you down? Come up to speed with Amalto Invoice Automation Solutions and improve the payment process!


Amalto e-Business Cloud

Integrate and automate! See how the Amalto e-Business Cloud speeds up and simplifies all your Order to Cash business processes, saving your company time and money.

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Amalto iPhone App & Apple Watch

Monitor your accounts receivable KPIs on the go! Get a firsthand look at what you can do with the app, a user-friendly extension of the Amalto e-Business Cloud.

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