Supplier Enablement

For the complete success of an e-invoicing implementation, Supplier participation is a critical factor; one that can make or break the project. Our Supplier On-boarding Services ensure the methodical roll-out of your project, with sales and marketing support and industry benchmarked best practices in four well-designed phases.

Phase I - Program Design

  • Evaluate Partners for e-commerce readiness; assess technical capability and existing B2B processes.
  • Involve responsible internal stakeholders to create buy-in.
  • Cleanse contact data from Master Vendor lists to include key decision makers at Partner’s end.
  • Define timelines and objective along with KPIs.

Phase II - Sales And Marketing

  • Define marketing messages.
  • Contact and educate Trading Partners about the program.
  • Execute marketing and sales campaigns via email, online videos, and webinars to increase Supplier adoption.

Phase III - Implementation And Testing

  • Based on due diligence from e-readiness survey, enable the Partner to e-transact with appropriate Connectivity Solutions.
  • Remote web training sessions to introduce all functionality and any software application aspects.

Phase IV - Amalto Community Management For Support And Ongoing Monitoring

  • Post go-live support; hand-holding through initial transactions plus ongoing email and telephone support.
  • Full visibility of on-boarding roll-out status via the Amalto Community Management solution.

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