Connectivity Solutions

Private Community

As a Community Leader, benefit from a tailor-made Private Community (within the Amalto e-Business Cloud) and easily set up and roll-out electronic business document exchanges with your Trading Partners (Suppliers, Customers, Third Parties...).

In a paradigm shift from the traditional marketplace or hub model, your Private Community will support your specific business rules (content validation and transformation, document choreography), your required set of business documents (POs, Invoices, RFQs, Service Orders, Field Tickets, Technical Documents...) and your specific set of file formats (both between your systems and the Amalto e-Business Cloud and between the Cloud and your Community Members).


  • The Private Community model allows you to implement your rules of membership to the Community, the format and type of documents exchanged, the choreography of documents and business rules around them.
  • Specifications can evolve at any time at your organization's request.
  • Connectivity between your organization back-end(s) or middleware and the Amalto e-Business Cloud is entirely customizable, supporting any type of format and transport protocol.
  • No software is installed behind your firewalls if a direct or indirect mean of connectivity to your back-end(s) is provided.
  • Your Trading Partners can connect with you using any of the numerous Connectivity Solutions offered by Amalto (or their own if they have one).
  • Complete management is provided by Amalto, including active monitoring, proactive support and issue resolution.
  • A dedicated Support Line can be offered to your Trading Partners.
  • Extensive Supplier Enablement Services is proposed, taking charge of contacting your Trading Partners and getting them connected to your Community.
  • A Community Management solution is available for your organization to track and monitor progress of the on-boarding of your Trading Partners.

Best Fit For

  • Medium to large organizations that want to on-board Trading Partners of varying size and technical capabilities.
  • Large volume of transactions (',000 per month).
  • Organizations that want Trading Partners to use their custom set of documents and formats and enforce specific business rules.


Setup fee: Starting from 50,000 USD — depending on the number of documents & formats and your organization back-end(s) connectivity.

Yearly run fee: Staring from 50,000 USD — depending on your organization back-end(s) connectivity, potential costs subsidies to Trading Partners and on-boarding services.

Use this interactive matrix to choose the Connectivity Solutions that best fits your needs, depending upon the volume of transactions, depth of integration, specificity of Business Documents Formats and Custom Business Rules and your preference to host your solution On-Premise or On-Demand.

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