Connectivity Solutions

Open Community

An Open Community is meant to leverage an existing Community of Trading Partners, including Suppliers, Customers, Sub-contractors, etc. with whom your organization can exchange using the predefined formats and business rules defined in the Community.

Open Communities leverage the Amalto e-Business Cloud and are operated by Amalto. OnGeT is one such community.


  • The Community can be enriched with additional documents, supported formats and business rules as long as these remain coherent with the aim of the Community.
  • Includes custom connectivity to your organization back-end(s) and does not require any software installed behind your firewalls if you can provide a direct or indirect mean of connectivity to your back-ends.
  • Your Trading Partners can use any of the numerous Connectivity Solutions offered by Amalto.
  • Amalto fully operates the solution with active monitoring, proactive support and issue resolution.
  • Amalto also provides Supplier Enablement services, taking charge of contacting your Trading Partners and getting them connected to the Community.

Best Fit For

  • Medium to large organizations that want to onboard Trading Partners to exchange a predefined set of documents with a readily available solution at a limited cost.
  • Any volume of transactions are supported.


Setup fee: starting from 2000 USD - depending on your back-end(s) connectivity and the potential new documents, formats, business rules to be supported by the existing Community.

Yearly run fee: 0-25,000 USD - depending on your organization back-end(s) connectivity and potential costs subsidies to Trading Partners.

Use this interactive matrix to choose the Connectivity Solutions that best fits your needs, depending upon the volume of transactions, depth of integration, specificity of Business Documents Formats and Custom Business Rules and your preference to host your solution On-Premise or On-Demand.

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