Connectivity Solutions

b2een® and b2een®+

The b2een® Connectivity Solution is right for organizations with a moderate to high volume of transactions (from 50 transactions per month) that want to exchange documents with their Trading Partners within a Private Community or an Open Community powered by the Amalto e-Business Cloud; exchanging business documents with b2een is very easy, using either b2een-created local folders, or the b2een User Interface, or even developing simple integration using the provided REST API.


  • Easy to install software, with zero technical set-up.
  • Runs on most operating systems (Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7, Mac OSX Leopard, Snow Leopard and Linux).
  • Documents exchanged are digitally signed and encrypted with guaranteed document delivery.
  • Rich, webmail like user interface that can be accessed using a web browser on the same machine or from a remote machine on the same network.
  • Documents received can also directly be read from the file system.
  • In addition, a REST like API allows easy development of integration means to b2een.
  • Support is provided by e-mail and most Communities Leaders organize web training sessions.

Best Fit For

  • Organizations with moderate to high volume of transactions.
  • Organizations that need local file drop capabilities.
  • Organizations willing to produce business documents in the community standardized format (See the b2een®+ Connectivity Solution if you want to transact using your own company specific format).
  • Organizations generating documents in batch and off-line mode.


b2een is available as a free download.

Subscription fees are charged by each Community (a few '00 USD/year).


b2een+ is the plugin enhanced version of our b2een Connectivity Solution that allows for customization of your company specific documents into the community standardized format. The plugin will support sending and receiving documents in your preferred format (CSV, XML, EDI etc.), matching your own specifications. 

Additional one-time fee for the development of the plugin (from 3,000 USD) plus yearly support and maintenance fee.

Use this interactive matrix to choose the Connectivity Solutions that best fits your needs, depending upon the volume of transactions, depth of integration, specificity of Business Documents Formats and Custom Business Rules and your preference to host your solution On-Premise or On-Demand.

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