Connectivity Solutions

PIDX b2box®

The PIDX b2box® Connectivity Solution is specialized stand-alone offering for the Oil and Gas industry. This solution is for organizations that want to directly exchange business documents with multiple trading partners without connecting via a Private Community or Open Community powered by the Amalto e-Business Cloud. The PIDX b2box offering combines a full-fledged On-demand B2B integration server (hosted within the Amalto e-Business Cloud) and Amalto Integration and Application Management services.

It allows deep and on the-fly integration with your back-end system(s) and can handle moderate to high volume of transactions using various formats and protocols.


RNIF and AS2 connectors are pre-packaged with the b2box to connect your organization Trading Partner and perform PIDX documents exchange.

  • Operations using a rich web user interface or calling the available set of exposed web services.
  • Complete queuing system of inbound and outbound documents and the ability to reprocess documents at any time.
  • Monitoring provided by automated e-mail notifications and access via the rich user interface.
  • Monitoring, application support, reprocessing and incident resolution remotely performed by the Amalto Support Team, shielding your organization teams from interactions with the PIDX b2box.
  • Easily scalable for on-boarding additional Trading Partners.
  • Best-in-class and proactive support.

Best Fit For

  • Organizations in the Oil and Gas industry with a moderate to high volume of transactions (from 50 transactions per month).
  • Wanting to connect directly with Trading Partners without having to join a Private or Open Community.
  • Organizations that transact with Trading Partners of varying technical capabilities; calling for a wide variety of options (portal, portal+, downloadable software) to be available for these partners to connect.
  • Needing deep back-end, on the fly integration.

Pricing PIDX b2box

Setup fee: covers the service provided by Amalto to set up the b2box.

Subscription fee: covers license rental, proactive application management & support and monitoring. Yearly subscription fee depends on the number of connected Trading Partners, number of business document types (Invoices, POs,...).

Supported Protocols And Formats

Protocols: AS2, RNIF, HTTPS, FTPS, SFTP, SMTP...
Formats: PIDX (as a primary business document library, but other formats are supported in order to match specific requirements, like ExxonMobil requesting cXML...)

Use this interactive matrix to choose the Connectivity Solutions that best fits your needs, depending upon the volume of transactions, depth of integration, specificity of Business Documents Formats and Custom Business Rules and your preference to host your solution On-Premise or On-Demand.


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