Connectivity Solutions

Amalto Connectivity Solutions Overview

Amalto’s suite of solutions combines innovative technology with an unrivaled breadth of connectivity options to facilitate structured electronic document exchange between trading partners.

Wtih the Amalto e-Business Cloud — a highly customizable, scalable and secure hosted / SaaS solution for electronic business document exchanges — and its set of robust Connectivity Solutions, Amalto meets the B2B needs of any company, no matter the size or industry.

Harness the power of the Amalto e-Business Cloud & Connectivity Solutions

Whether you are a Fortune 500 or an SME, you can leverage the Amalto e-Business Cloud to set up your Private Community or join an existing Open Community to exchange structured electronic business documents with all your Trading Partners.

Alternatively, to establish direct connectivity with selected Trading Partners, use Amalto stand-alone solution, the b2box, a full-fledged B2B integration server available On-Premises or On-Demand. These Trading Partners could include your Customers, Suppliers or Marketplaces/Hubs that your Customers and Suppliers are a part of.

Best value for Community Leaders and Community Members

If you are a Community Leader, you can entirely customize your Private Community to match your specific needs (document types, formats, protocols, processes...) and be connected to the Amalto e-Business Cloud either through your own B2B integration server or middleware (if you already have one) - or benefit from a b2box.

And if you are a Community Member, you can easily exchange electronic documents with the Community Leader leveraging your existing B2B gateway if you have one, or using any of the following Amalto Connectivity Solutions:

1. Portal / Portal+ - Direct browser access

2. Mobile Applications - Access via a smartphone or a tablet

3. b2een® / b2een®+ -  Easy install downloadable software enabling secure document exchange

4. b2box® On-Demand, b2box® On-Premise - Full-fledged B2B Integration Server

Use this matrix to choose the Connectivity Solution that best fits your needs, depending upon the volume of transactions, depth of integration, specificity of Business Documents Formats and Custom Business Rules.

Faster deployment, quick ROI

Solutions are delivered ready-for-production, shielding clients from the complexity of implementing an IT integration project. This translates to faster deployment, minimal impact on IT infrastructure and visible and measurable ROI within months, not years.

Multiple, highly secure modes of deployment

Amalto solutions reflect the reality of every organization having its own unique B2B requirements and set of challenges. Amalto Connectivity Solutions can be deployed either on-premise, on the cloud or as a hybrid model. All document exchange is either over secure channels or digitally signed and encrypted.

Scalable, affordable

Amalto pricing models are based on a setup fee and a subscription fee. As your business evolves with the addition of new trading partners, you can on-board these quickly and economically.

Private Communities, a paradigm shift from traditional Marketplace-Hub Model

An Amalto Private Community can support your specific business rules (content validation, document choreography), set of business documents (PO, invoices, RFQ, service order, field tickets) and your company specific file formats (csv, xml , custom etc.) as opposed to you conforming to the rules of a Marketplace.

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