Business Solutions

Exchanging electronic business documents with your Customers has never been so easy

You are willing to get rid of manual processes (in back-office systems, portals...), but are daunted by task of managing multiple formats, protocols and security across several Customers?

A Full-service Packaged Solution for electronic business document exchange, behind your firewall or in the Cloud

The On-demand b2box is a ready-to-use and packaged solution (private cloud solution + service) for integrated B2B/EDI transactions.

The b2box is delivered ready to perform the expected business document flows – in a very limited timeframe.

Fully integrated, shielding you from all complexity

The b2box performs transformations from one format to another, cross-referencing tasks, orchestration and supports multiple transport protocols (http/s, AS2, RNIF, Web Services, SFTP, FTPS, SMTP...). It is a full-fledged solution to handle:

  • electronic exchanges of business documents (quotes, orders, invoices...) with multiple trading partners (not just your Customers, but also your Suppliers), directly or through hubs
  • integration with any back-office system / ERP / accounting software 

Why wait for years, realize ROI within months

Amalto solutions are implementation-ready and can seamlessly evolve to accommodate changing needs (new trading partners, new business document types, new transport protocols, new or updated or migrated back-office systems...). 

Pick the solution that works best for you based on the number of business documents you process each month, the extent of your need for back-office integration, or customization of business documents.

Contact us today to discover how our solutions can enable your e-transactions -- fast, secure and cost-effectively! 


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