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Fully automate your e-business document exchanges

Successful companies know that true collaboration includes working together efficiently with Suppliers in back-office processes; where business partner transactions are typically labor intensive. Electronic document exchange, especially in Procurement and Accounting, is a prime opportunity for strategic process enhancements.

Set up your own Private Community and e-enable all your Suppliers, regardless of their e-readiness

When it comes to B2B electronic transactions, one size does not fit all. Amalto solutions allow you to take diversity into account.

Set up your own Private Community powered by the Amalto e-Business Cloud and give Suppliers multiple options to connect with you. From direct browser access via the Community Portal, or Mobile Access or using b2een, an easy install software with automated file processing capabilities, there is an option for all your Suppliers, regardless of their size and e-readiness.

In a paradigm shift from the traditional marketplaces and hubs (where "one size must fit all"), a Private Community fully adapts to your requirements: document types to be exchanged (catalogs, orders, ship notices, invoices, production plans, etc.), supported formats (between your systems and the Amalto e-Business Cloud and between the Cloud and the Suppliers), validation and transformation steps, orchestration and connectivity with your Suppliers, and many more parameters. Amalto will create and operate a Community tailor-made to your needs, and shield you from the complexity of managing networks, security and standards. Amalto solutions can aggregate data directly from disparate ERP systems, meeting your integration challenges.

On-Boarding Suppliers requires a methodology, dedicated tools and resources... and some experience. Amalto has all and proposes best-in-class Supplier Enablement Services.

Leverage Amalto solutions to integrate your internal systems with your chosen Markplace or SaaS e-Procurement Provider

If you have already chosen a Hub or Marketplace provider (Ariba, Hubwoo, Quadrem, PerfectCommerce...) or an e-Procurement SaaS provider (Ariba P2P, Coupa,...), the Amalto On-demand b2box will help you seamlessly interface your internal systems with your provider's.

Pick Your Solution

Pick your solution based on the number of transactions, integration requirements, document formats, custom business rules...

Contact us today to discover how Amalto solutions can either help your e-enable all your Suppliers, regardless of their size and technical capabilities or - if you already have an e-Procurement / Marketplace Service Provider - perform seamless integration between your internal systems and your provider's.


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