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Business Solutions

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Cross Industry Solutions

Electronic document exchange with your Trading Partners is made easy with best-in-class technology from Amalto. Eminently adaptable for any industry, Amalto solutions enable you to establish quick, secure and cost effective connections with Customers, Suppliers or third party Marketplaces.

Whether you are aiming to exchange electronic purchase orders, confirmations, invoices or other structured documents, Amalto's wide range of Connectivity Solutions makes it very easy both for you and your Trading Partners (regardless of their size), to send and receive e-documents.

Whatever the type of document, the complexity of your document exchange process, or the back-office systems implemented (ERP or Accounting Solution), discover how the Amalto e-Business Cloud can be customized to your specific needs.

Automate your AP/AR processes and eliminate manual entries! Learn more.

Oil & Gas Industry Solutions

Automate transactions with your business partners with flexible, adaptable and cost effective technology from Amalto providing built-in support for the Petroleum Industry Data eXchange (PIDX) standards as well as the RosettaNet and AS2 transport protocols.

See how Amalto Supplier On-Boarding Services help you not only to connect, but also collaborate with your Trading Partners for higher business productivity. Learn more.


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